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Raven De La Croix

Resume' & Biography

    The direction I move in life with is fueled by the passions of my visions. Like heaven and hell...seeing in two directions at the poet...feeling all too much; then, the scientist to analyze "what happened" after the impact of some scenario in life. These multidimensional experiences not only gave me great insights of myself and the beings around me, but I find I am humbled at the vastness and loving benevolence of an ever unfolding universe.

    I gravitate toward leaps which, in the past, forced me to thrust myself into assorted scenarios I had unwittingly (at that time) invoked. Skipping past the many childhood adventures, except perhaps my "Peter Pan" flights which synchronize with my current UFO/Abduction/Experiences discoveries, I have invoked a constant stream of ever changing, strangely intense, multiverse of experiences.

    The continuing stream is still flowing, although in the present, has taken on a specific laser focus on a non-separatist, worldwide spiritual evolution of human-kind, along any creative path from which I desire to communicate. "The tears in my life were the sails on the ship of my soul, and have piloted me through deeper and deeper levels of conscious awareness of myself and the Universe".

    Born in Manhattan, New York City, oldest of eight children, I was called a dreamer. Thank Goddess for turned out to be an affirmation. My mother dreamed at home, my father traveled and painted and paved his own adventures. My grandmother was kidnapped from South America by my grandfather William Knox Martin, (famous pioneer aviator) . He invented the 1st sea plane and introduced aviation to many countries including Mexico, South America, and China. He was in on the creation of AVIANCA airlines, made the first air mail flight in that country and has a stamp commemorating his contributions to flight. Falling in love with my grandmother, who was already promised to a rich plantation owner, he "saved her" in the ONLY plane around. He flew to America where he and grandmother made their home. At one time he was Pancho Villa AND Zapatas sole air force. Flight has always been an excitement for me and I am currently pursuing these abilities.

    "I raised my son Matoux De La Croix as a single parent. He left home to marry when he was 20 years of age. He is now 30, also a single parent, raising my granddaughter Erica Rae De La Croix who is six years old. Life patterns ... All this experience leading to the creation of All One Tribe.

    In 1987, after a severe debilitating accident I made the choice to go to college to learn some news skills or enhance the ones I had. This accident not only led me to majoring in art, music and computers with honors, but also lead to my breakthrough in spiritual awareness and psychic abilities in the healing arts. I first had to start with my life. I did...and I am well. I have decided to present some of my key scenarios in this fashion, rather than a resume. They will not be necessarily in order of occurrence yet comprise many arenas of my exploration.

Entertainment Industry:
Also known as: Raven De Lumiere

Actress: Starred, guest-starred and co-starred in over 20 Film, TV & Stage Productions
Stunt Woman: Performed all my own stunts in these productions, hanging off cliffs, hand combat & weaponry
Production Assistant: Commercials; MacDonalds, Mongoose, etc.
Casting: Commercials; MacDonalds, Mongoose, etc.
TV: CBS TV Movie of the Week, Paramount - Guest Star, "Hear No Evil"
Tonight Show, Tom Snyder,
Current Affairs - Special Feature Segment
Dance: "THE Burlesque Queen Of The 80's" ...the 1st since Gypsy Rose Lee! The first entertainer of this genre ever to be invited to perform in The Playboy Club Century City Los Angeles, and was asked to be engaged in an extended run (8 wks), "Dangerous Curves & Moving Violations".
*Hired by the Colombian government, flown to South America, to perform in the Andes
* Performance Artist: Sacred Geometry/ Sacred Moves; NYC, Canada, South America
* "All One Tribe "Divine Performance Art * Sacred Dance Concerts * Currently being packaged: See Investment Opportunity
Choreographer: I choreographed all of my own shows across the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and Mexico.
Instructor: I teach a style of improvisational performance art incorporating breath, sacred geometry using Sacred Moves, which can create ascended states of awareness and mastery over the energetics of your electromagnetic field.
Children's Entertainment: I work with children professionally under the persona "CRYSTALS" The Mystical Clown as well as *Intuitive* Advisor to children underlining the loving gift of Self-Empowerment through various educational and sacred movement dance (medias).
"Live-Art" As a Performance Artist, my challenge is to create beautiful, custom made paintings on the human canvas. Culture to culture, face & body painting have been mainly sacred and ritualistic since the beginning of time.
Sample Client List: The family and friends of: King World, Disney Studios , Warner Bros., Lorimar Studios, Paramount and Universal Studios, etc.
Costume Design: "The Lost Empire", feature film
World tour, Burlesque, stage
Artistic Endeavors: "My studio allows me to paint in any medium including airbrush; sculpting, sewing, ceramics, crystal medicine jewelry, self empowerment wands...I have been painting dream state off-world subjects that invoke my unanswered questions"
Art Gallery    ·    UFO Art Gallery
Healing Arts: *Labor, Delivery & Obstetrics , Columbia Medical Centre NY
*Spinal Chord Injury Nurse...trained at the Downey facility CA
*Drug Rehab program at the following correctional institutes: CA Institution for Men, CA Men's Colony , San Quentin ,CA
*Self chosen sabbatical for intensive and exclusive immersion into the Women's Community for seven years , self healing, balanced feminism awareness training, women's spirituality, developing my gifts as a woman and shaman
*Minister of the Universal Church Of "All That Is"
*Life-Death Transition Facilitator
*Conscious Channel:
        Hands of Light Gateway Sirius Initiation
        Voyager Tarot & Mayan Oracle
        Self-Empowering Consultation
        Television Interviews, "Out There" etc
Channeling: Training with Shawn Randall /Torah, Darryl Anka/Bashar, Fatima, Castro/Fr. John & Dr. Jose - LA CA
Radio: Talk & Interview shows; All over the USA, Canada, Mexico City
Subjects: Sexuality, Child Abuse, Drug Abuse, Metaphysics, The UFO field including Abductions, and Hybridization realities, Hottest and sometimes controversial information regarding the current Paradigm shifts, Self esteem issues, and Self Empowerment Journeys that Work, Redefining the Goddess Energy, Holistic Health, Nutrition and Rejuvenation Systems, Healing .
Music: Record Promoter; LAX Records / Far Out Productions WAR, Eric Burdon, Jimmy Witherspoon "Spoon" , Ronny Laws, Tanja Tucker, Eloise Laws, Aalon, etc.
2nd Engineer - Aalon - "Cream City" Arista Records/Far Out Prod.
Video Tech: 1st & 2nd Camera Operator - Action/ Napali Video
Production: Associate Produced, designed wardrobe, & featured in "The Lost Empire"
In Production: * Producer/writer, "Mayan Consciousness, A Legacy"
* Associate Producer, "The Bandolier Project"
"Ravens Haven" (radio talk show/TV )
Adventures: Some such scenarios include:
  • Psychic Counselor to individual members of the Hells Angels Worldwide
  • Direct from New York City to the unexpected fields of Arizona, while I was six months pregnant, wielding a machete, chopping cauliflower and cabbage for survival
  • Cosmic Traveler
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