"The Lost Empire"

Associate Producer
Raven De La Croix
"WhiteStar" photo Kent Marshall
(available in poster)

    The selection of films I was chosen for facilitated my attraction to the "boot camps" of earth. I, filled with creative fire played in many arenas in this film, (thanks to director/writer Jim Wynorski and the "guards" ... giggle).
    This comic book adventure was actually parallel to my life. I found this to be true in many of my life adventures, which I will write about in my future News Letter.

"Dimensional Emergence"
WhiteStar emerging from the dimensional fires to fulfill Angels Call for help    Photo: Wendell
Here are a few fan favorites!
"The Challange"
In the mysteries of the underworld, WhiteStar confronts evil.    Photo: Kent Marshall
"The Serpent & White Star"
Her battle in the underworld with the unknown    Photo: Wendell

                                        My Son, Matoux De La Croix - 16yrs

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