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Page 144      #173 Raven De La Croix
Photo by Russ Meyer

#173. Raven De La Croix Born on August 24th, 1947 in New York City (three-quarters Cherokee & French Indian), the oldest of eight children. A women of exceptional intellectual (as well as physical) dimensions, Raven was introduced to the world by Russ Meyer in his 1976 and resourceful Margo Winchester. The sultry, statuesque (5-ft-5, 38DD-24-36) brunette and former "Hells Angel" wife appeared in other films such as: "The Happy Hooker Goes To Washington" (nude cameo, 1977); "Screwballs" (1983, as a stripper named Miss Anatomical); and "Hear No Evil" (1985 telefilm); she also starred in, designed wardrobe and associate-produced the funny, sexy fantasy adventure "The Lost Empire" (1984); and in stage performances was proclaimed "The Burlesque Queen of the 80s". Today Raven is an "Intuitive Communicator" and counselor, among her other wide-ranging activities; her remarkable story will be told in the next issue of "Glamour Girls: Then & Now". Magazines: Nov. 1981 OUI (8 pages & interview); Feb. 1983 CHERI (cover & layout).

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