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Candidly Speaking
"Candidly Speaking"   Photographer:  Ken Marcus

Here are a few fan favorites!

White Arabian

"Raven & THE Phoenician
in the Dream Time"

I am timeless upon these fields, feeling the sun upon my body as the Phoenician & I become one with the rhythm of the land.

This beauty Phoenician is the champion of Dr. Harvey Cohen, breeder.
"Lady Raven"    Photographer: Ken Marcus

Water has always been
my nurturer, my healer, comforter.
My dreams of Mermaid worlds
become vivid and ecstatic.

Liquid Meditations
"Liquid Meditations"   PhotographerKen Marcus

Fires and surrender
to the breath of life...
the song of Passion.

"Spirit of Flame"   Photographer: Ken Marcus

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