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"The Lost Empire"

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Raven De La Croix

Directed by Jim Wynorski

                                 "The Reptilian Factor"
                                            photo: from the comic book adventure .the film:
                               "The Lost Empire"
                                          Snake - "Miss Piggy" 15 ft Python

    I found myself attracting experiences in life along the realm between the bazaar & fantasy - darkness & dimensional shifts. Although I found it organic to "be" as such ... the world around me wasn't so sure ... and ... I, through my frail human belief of limitations ... wanting them to "see" me, kept trying to get their attention .. and by so doing - gave away my power & vision. I finally realized that a visionary is one who "sees" and brings that vision "in". No more to bring the gift and wait for acceptance or approval.

    In the many aspects of the self that I played out in this lifetime, it was during the Burlesque period ( age 33 to 42) that I was contacted most directly by a strong sensual force. This energy moved me to express myself in spontaneous Goddess archetype rituals that would transform roomfuls of people.

    This magic feeling moves with me. Though shy, I feel a willingness to be there ... honest, vulnerable ... baring not only a body in ceremony - but a soul in innocence. The purpose instead of seduce was to introduce the energy of the Goddess, emulating the flow of beauty, peace and love, woven with passion of creative expression. The sense of the "mother" ... the "safe place"... the "ever flowing stream of unconditional love".

    There ... there in that place ... a Goddess is taught the beauty of body and soul.

   She considers her senses, both physical and psychic, as skills to ever invoke and evolve. She opens new pathways, doors to the unknown guided only by her ethics and integrity to herself and the universes with which she interacts. There are no guarantees ... just a path that reaps what we agree to.

    There is no judgment as there is with The Magdalene. They didn't know how powerful and loving a Goddess ... the lover and bearer of the children of the Christ. The knower of the "seed". The genetic mother of the cosmos. It is from the archetype of such that I have come.

    The temples of earth have not graced their stages to the Ceremonies of the Goddess since the Avalons of the world. It is time. I practiced on the Earth platforms along my descent into the "underworld". I was Crowned The Burlesque Queen of the 80's and was Canada's Sweetheart. I surfaced almost belly-up with wounds of the belief systems that surrounded this underworld ... inflicted & suffered the cutting and carving of the self ... & to what gain?

    My head was in the future ... magical ... fanciful ... loving ... happy ...sweetness of the soul still rampant in all of nature * Yet in my amnesia - was denying the truth of what I was actually "seeing" around me "as-it-was" and instead ... victimized myself. Human behavior... ? A little brainwashing?

   The draw for me was the sheer joy at being art in motion. I was delighted to learn of a definition of dance; "Energy Cherishing Matter in Motion". The reward was sensual connection to physicality combined with the sensual connection to conscious spirituality and that unique sharing of mutual oneness. In other words, It was not direct sexuality on a body level ... it was all of it ... without significance on sexuality or ego ... It was total aliveness and oneness of expression with the self on an aesthetic wavelength to mirror the beauty and love and health of life

    I've had certain experiences, where through my art form as High Priestess Divine Performance Artist, gained physical prowess in sacred movement, strengthening my statement, which had no words except through my actions. I knew they were "heard" by the echo painted in reflection.

My favorite Concepts to Re-Member

"Own Your Life"
"Know What You Know"
"& Burn Bright !"

"A Dream ?"

    I remember an evening in particular ... which started in the waking state. I had been painting "The Raven & The Serpent ", my personal metaphorical transformation for the integration of the light & the dark, in this never ending spiral of awakenings. I saw the evening as early and decided to impeccably groom as if for a special honeymoon. Why that thought crossed my mind in that way I had never explored until I began "the remembering". Every inch of myself was glowing, oiled, glittered, scented & decorated in my usual Goddess Sacred Dance-wear. Nine or so rings including toe-ring, six earrings, headbands, swords, candles, and the most magical sacred music, including veils. I was alone. Or so I thought.

    Just as if on stage, I "showed up" as the real thing. "Layering in" essence of Goddess. I danced and breathed myself into oneness with myself and all that is, from the creation aspect of original DNA . Suddenly, there was an acute awareness that it was being experienced and recorded from an "outside" point of aesthetics. Who and what is this "outside" space invasion phenomena? The sexuality is experienced as a total mind body soul explosion which can be described as a continuing river of velvet purple aqua water in slow motion. ... like Dolphins flowing together and apart, always in synchronicity yet independently creating. That was the ideal.

    I experienced delight for the isness of each other, full recognition of the sacredness and timelessness of the union. I was the song played. I was the dance ... the place where you say "yes" and it is golden and divine.

    The ecstasy is something no words can harness. Camaraderie is a quality I look for. Find me in the realm of the Sacred. The honor of "conscious" experience.



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