Much love and many blessings, Raven De La Croix



Welcome my loved ones~
Thank you for your interest in sharing my past experiences & current on going adventures ~

I am not a pornographer nor do I subscribe to anything pornographic.
I am not judging.  I just wanted to state my preference and it is underlined in my life's work.

There are semi nude photos on the site ... they are considered Art and not inappropriate to the image of WOMAN . . .  
BUT if you are under 18 years of age you may 
NOT view these pages~ 

Also, I suggest that the text be read to get the full idea of who I am and NOT just rely on photos and your imagination. 
It is one thing to approach life as a body part ... which I am not ... but just think of what kind of adventure one would have
when one becomes a physical focal point and one who is NOT interested in being a bodypart  ..

It's is like living the life such as "The Perils Of Pauline" or "Lil Annie Fanny" where one is just a person inside this
 "archetypical body" and have to sift and dodge the world projections in pursuit of the true self : )
It has been a strange and unusual experience that can only be told in the many books and interviews unfolding to share as:
 "Rantings Of A Mad Woman" ... my Life's work. Although I wouldn't say I have had much EASE this lifetime ...
I CAN say I have worked (and still)  very hard all my life for what ever  pay checks I bring home ... but the love and the support and
movie roles & diverse careers and opportunities, have always "come to me" ... for this I am grateful and I continue to create in those
realms happily : )


Much love and many blessings,
Raven De La Croix
aka: Raven De Lumiere~Ziton; RavenZ; RavenneZen;
(Martin; Loera; Senkir; Ziton)

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