Raven De Lumiere

Summary As

Energetic Intuitive,
Counselor & Minister

Self Empowerment Techniques
for Ethical Living
" Reverend Dr. Raven Z "                 
"Consulting Synergist"                   

My Focus: To identify the problem, connect with the Being thus "bridging the gap" in order to help bring about awareness, educate, and coach/support client which may bring about willing change of the client. Based on the clients direct participation of evaluated programs suggested by counselor and /or clients (pre-approved by counselor) action plan for personal advancement. Re-entry into society (after incarceration for an inmate situation or client of long term illness, life crises) etc.

Counselor / Facilitator / Minister

Summary of Qualifications

    I provide identification of the core issues holding a being back from themselves, awareness, education - via books, select excerpted written works, audio cassettes and videos of related materials, therapy - energetic as well as mental application with results in the physical world.
    As Energetic Intuitive, Counselor & (non sectarian) Minister: (These applications depend on the receptivity, skill ability of the applicant and the method they retain and apply best aligned with their understanding and willingness to change. This method is progressive as the client cannot "program" or feign achievement. The results are demonstrative and directly applied thus truly achieved.)

Detailed reports available. References also on request.

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