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Magical! You Imagine It ... We'll create it for

All the Classic, Current, Creative, Colorful, Cartoon, Creatures
& Characters ... for Children of All Ages !

Specializing In:

Parties & Openings of All Occasions!
Batmitzvahs... Barmitzvahs... Birthdays!
Company Picnics / Holiday Specials!
Benefits ... Church Functions ... La Quinceanera!
New Age Events ... Mystical Celebrations!

FREE Demonstration in your Home or Office

References available upon request  ·  Private & Corporate Rates

Some Clients:

KCET TV - King World Entertainment - Warner Bros. - Lorimar - Pia Zadora & Children
Sony Pictures - Bruce Springsteen & Children - Disney - Universal
Dr. Vicky Hufnagel M.D. - Discovery Channel

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