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The Elastic Zenith
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Raven De Lumiere~Ziton is a unique spiritual visionary who radiates light, love and beauty to all who meet her.  Her perception and intuitive sensitivity are based on a deep and dedicated devotion to the spiritual enrichment and enhancement of her fellow beings.  Her career has spanned a broad as well as diverse range of disciplines, all of which have been integrated into her activities to further enlighten and ennoble the human spirit.

Raven is an Intuitive Communicator & Consulting Synergist whose native ability weaves us all together in the “re-membering” who we really are …working with all age groups, inspiring techniques utilized to assist others, as she is constantly forging ahead as a  “Light Ranger”, creating loving archetypes for our youth of all ages. An  ‘ALL ONE TRIBE’ concept.  

As part of her program of Universal Spiritual Enlightenment, Raven has created DreamWeavers~MultiMedia Communications, a leading edge foundation focused on forging new paradigms.  DreamWeavers MMC is a Networking Platform dedicated to the establishment of new arenas in which to embellish the joy & integration of spiritual communication to invoke a sane & holistic future for our children & generations to come.

DreamWeavers‘s current program in production is the outreach movement “Raven’s Haven“ Talk Radio  -a safe & loving place from which to explore consciousness through the sharing of human experience. This will be broadband Internet live interactive workshops for all ages with inspired self empowering information which anyone can understand and apply with fast thorough results. We specialize in young people. This has taken the name and domain ~  ~

She is also known through her involvement with Narconon, (means: non-narcosis [not drugged]) the Internationally known Drug Rehabilitation Organization founded by Mark Jones, where she has helped many inmates in several California Institutions, as well as with groups & one on one with our troubled youth. Narconon was cited by NBC Nightly News as the solution to the drug abuse problem, applying the information with a willing participant wanting to shift, (no one can do it for you).

Additionally, DreamWeavers is also sponsoring the “ALL ONE TRIBE” conception, a program of concerts utilizing sacred music and divine performance art to catalyze the foundation of healing unity among all living things, especially human beings ... Specializing in our youth movement.  Raven stands as a beacon of light, illuminating the path to a brighter and more loving tomorrow allowing us to create the future we desire!

  “Own Your Life! ... Know What You Know! ... & Burn Bright!”  

Dreamweavers Multimedia Communications
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