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" What I have learned in this life and not the easy way ... is to do what you love ... and health and prosperity will be natural in your energy. Believing is seeing."

    Physics tells us that we live in a holographic universe and it is made up of projections, creations. Mostly by our tribal roots, our beliefs ...we create our lives by acceptance of the mass consciousness and universal mind set. Each of our lives have intersections where we have opportunities to question these beliefs or rules. Each of us create our "reactions" or "responses" to these 'laws' that seem to govern us and our behavior. The news locally and world wide along with the violent programming feeds us fear and we're even addicted to it ... Addicted so strangely we think we're in denial if we don't "tune in" to the "real World" to gage our progress. Excuse me...what did Shakespeare say? "Do not expect me to step down to your expectations", [of reality]. Little do we realize that "self empowerment" is just that ... self empowerment. Since we can open to the idea that we create our own realty, it is up to us and that "free will" to create change. If it's belief we are creating our reality with ...well then, let us become better, more deliberate "belief designers". Keeping that idea fresh ...You'll see my point of attracting the "Tribe" with which to play, with which to create a dynamic, healing, vibrational harmonic, and with which to dance & speak and live the way ... of the new paradigm ... "bringing in" with our gifts...the Vision.
    This wave I am riding brings me and the Tribe extreme pleasure in spiraling the Merkaba to encircle this planet, offering an energy of vitality, creativity and love to invoke & inspire the sacred in each soul who breathes it in. Though a refreshing and frank televised radio show, "Raven's Haven", a safe place in which to explore conciousness, we will hold Divine Performance Art Concerts on Sacred Sites around the Planet, promoting harmony, healing and a bond of community & spitual unity leading to ...


Our Logo ... The Earth On The Outer Edge Of A Spiral Galaxy
Who is ...All One Tribe? The audience is wide but there are a few defined directions.

First is our YOUTH ...who in every generation looks for their own "Tribe". The other is ... "Goddess Energy", and birth of the New Woman. (This in turn shows women who they really are, and what that potential looks like, and gives men a new and healthy perspective on women, thus enhancing their relationships ... )

The Making & Keeping of the Magic

Raven De Lumiere has, as her personal planetary mission, the compassion to emphasize the concept of unity ... as we are all on this planet hurling through space together and have no more time for separation & destruction of ourselves nor our world. Only we can turn things around. It takes every one of us. The only way to change anything is to change ourselves. We are our government. We allow what is happening by not being part of the solution. We are only feeling the pain of giving our true power away. We cannot win through avarice & greed ... or worse ... FEAR. We must become what it is we desire. We must realize that it is what we put out which creates what we get back in life, {physics}. Whether by vibration, beliefs, focus, fear, or what ever it is we have plugged into, or to whom or what we have given away our power. . . It is time to recognize that so-called "negative experiences" are wonderful opportunities to see what we are putting out - so we can adjust the vibration to manifest what we prefer!

ALL ONE TRIBE holds a steady heartbeat for the illumination and unconditional love of humanity & its evolutionary upward spiral.
EnergyDancers, SacredMusic & Visual and Sonic Tapestries of Performance Art through an exotic blend of current & ancient "Tribal" presentations weaving Global Sacred Connections!

To become conscious of the honor of ones life, to look at judgment and see the separation and pain it brings. To offer popular, stable and fun information and insight in order to build on the foundations of unity without dogma or giving up personal power, without joining anything, and with information that can be applied regardless of ones origins.


To provide a safe, ethical, exciting haven in which to exploreconsciousness for the people by the people. Through the focus of self empowerment & cutting edge information, to offer paradigm - shifting wisdom in ways people can apply in every day life.

To provide a platform for new & solution oriented programming with which to offer inspiration for self-empowerment and thus regeneration of personal & spiritual connection to ones natural state.

Using a televised / radio format (with immediate cataloguing of audio & video and transcripts) ... Host driven, as well as call- ins & innovative, cutting edge guests to entertain, inform & to network.

National syndication & beyond will invite the community to offer solutions to the ever growing problems in the communities of Earth by individual & collective contributions: both in solutions to problems & solid goods. (i.e. donations, funding, sponsorship, scholarships, awards [for solutions], & promotions for the "CONCERTS").

Sacred Dances entitled Divine Performance Art

This consists of musicians (see video) with visually stunning newly created musical instruments and other sacred instruments: didjeridoo, bazouki, custom orchestral drum, etc., as well as sacred performance artists specializing in EnergyDance.


Each Tribal Representative (artist / talent) will invoke & manifest their true Tribal Global Village connection, with the focus on being an EARTH TRIBE, thus offering our individual tribal symbols as multi-cultured AND Galactic.)(i.e. - Hands Across America, World Peace Tours, etc.)

The New Millennium Overview:

The momentum of this movement will have a little over three years to build and make ourselves "well known & thought of ", with the Global Village event taking place in the year 2001.By the time the event takes place it will be on the top ten charismatic events on the Planet. Crews will be all over the world filming & recording events, to be linked into a coordinated series of dynamic happenings all over the Global Village.) To create a huge vibrational ripple around the planet ...Thus transmuting energies toward a prosperous future using thelatest technologyin vibrational healing, through light, color, sound, movement, and energy.

Financial Aims, Gains & Gifts:

Profits will be used to create information centers all over the world, in many languages, in various formats: Books, Videos, CD-ROM's and Music; to be placed in existing libraries, missions, shelters, prisons, schools, colleges, big business care programs for employees, welfare systems, clinics, and more.

To provide solution oriented material across every aspect of life regarding: nutrition, healing & self empowerment, optimum survival, new physics, health alternatives, newly updated facts on education, and personal codes of ethics and integrity based on universal law ...To give people the choice of being self empowered with self love and integrity and Global Tribal pride.

Concert Sales...promotes unity with individuality of expression.

(Using: sacred geometry, flower of life, and authentic sacred symbols)


See Contract for details*

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